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Cosplay a registered trademark? I thought it is a common word?

A post of Mike Abundo in his Facebook account revealed a registration made by Tanya Mitzeiko Obedoza-Bairan of the word "COSPLAY."  Upon doing a search at http://trademarks.ipophil.gov.ph/tmsearch/ it revealed that the same person also registered "COSPLAY PHILIPPINES" and the logo of "Cosplay.ph.".

Let me clarify first that this article only pertains to the registration of the word "COSPLAY."
What does this mean anyway?

It means that Tanya Bairan has the exclusive right to the word "COSPLAY" and no other entity can use it without their prior consent, moreover she can charge royalties for anyone who will be using that word.  Meaning all events with the word "Cosplay" and all organizations with the word "Cosplay" is now at risk.

Is this registration even right and just or does it go with the common sense?

The person who has the only right to claim the term COSPLAY is no other than Nobuyuki Takahashi of the Japanese studio Studio Hard.  He came up with the term cosplay while attending the 1984 Los Angeles Science Fiction Worldcon., "
Taking from Wikipedia,
The term cosplay is a portmanteau of the English words "costume" and "play"..  The coinage reflects a common Japanese method of abbreviation in which the first two moras of a pair of words are used to form an independent compound. Costume becomes kosu (コス), and play becomes pure (プレ).
What is therefore the purpose of the registration?

I hope that it is not business or monopoly.  For the monopoly of a popular culture which has grown so popular and everyone is into it is really a sad and disturbing reason for registration.  Personally, I am thankful that Cosplay.ph had helped popularize cosplay and cosplaying but I personally think that registering the term "COSPLAY" is too much already whatever the underlying reason maybe.  Still, I hope that they clarify things out for everyone.

COSPLAY is a common term and is owned by everyone and should continued to be owned, used and for the benefit of all.  Plus above all else it is a hobby and have you seen anyone trademark a hobby?  Come on...

What is your comment about this?  Do post your comments.

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