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Kou Shibasaki Turned into Anime Character in New Music Video

Universal Music Japan has posted a short music video for actress and singerKou Shibasaki featuring the singer turning into an anime character named "Gyarako." The short video features Shibasaki's new song "Another:World," which was released as a single on Wednesday. The character Gyarako is also the image character for the three-member group galaxias! that Shibasaki formed last year. 

Murakumo directed the video with character design by Kokudō 12 Gō. Terukazu Shintori (TERU by mashcomix) animated the video.
The song is being used as the theme song to the Mirai Nikki -Another:World-live-action television series starring Masaki Okada, Ayame Gōriki, and Kanata Hongou, which premiered on April 21.

Source : ANN

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