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Lolita Cosplay Dress and Devangelic Cosplay Shop

Devangelic Cosplay Shop is making a mark in the cosplay community with their cost efficient costumes and lolita dresses.  Devangelic was established in February 2010 and specialize in Cosplay costumes/ dresses, Visual Kei clothings, and Cosplay accessories.

Ate Marie, the owner of Devangelic Cosplay Shop and his husband are a very jolly couple.  They are easy to talk to and you can really see their concern for their clients.  Devangelic Shop is prominent on major Cosplay conventions since they had been a major sponsor of these conventions.  Among the events they sponsored are Cosplaymania, Ozinefest and Otaku Encore of Naruto Cosplayers PH.

We manage to see Devangelic Shops Lolita Dress collection during an event at SM City Baliwag.  The Lolita cosplay dresses were elegantly done and they were superior in quality as well.  They would definitely fit cosplayers who had a fashion for Lolita be it male or female although Devangelic is more accustomed to female clients.

For those who want to contact Devangelic Cosplay Shop you can add them on Facebook or browse Devangelic Shop Facebook Page.

One of the models we found for Devangelic Cosplay Shop Lolita Cosplay during the SM City Baliwag cosplay event was Ira Orduna, a cosplayer from Malolos Bulacan and a member of Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH).

Here are more photos of some of Devangelic Cosplay Shop's Lolita Cosplay Dress Collection as modeled by Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) members .

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