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Ynnok's Dress Shop and the Success of a Cosplay (Kratos God of War)

I had been a cosplayer for nearly two years now.  Come August 2012 I will be 2 years as a cosplayer and like most cosplayers I started cosplaying just for fun or your so called cosplay.  After that disappointing stint, I made it my personal pledge to do my best in Cosplaying.  One of my most memorable Cosplay is Kratos from God of War and I have to thank Ynnok's Dress Shop for its success.

With this story, I would like to share how a cosplay succeeds eventually and how it becomes an epic character for everyone to remember.  I planned to cosplay Kratos on November 2010 but the actual cosplay came around May 2011.  I had many doubts on myself including the fact that I was chubby and not do not have an ass kicking body like him.

It was Tita Koni Patena of Ynnok's which encouraged me that I would be a cool cosplayer for Kratos.  I was not even convince that it would look good during our first trial of the costume.  The make-up was not that good and the costume was not complete yet.  I had doubts and I don't have the confidence.

When the costume was finally done, I decide to give it a try and there is one thing which I would share to everyone about how to make your cosplay work and that is TO HAVE CONFIDENCE.  Confidence and fully blending with your character is what makes the difference.

My debut of the costume was a success.  It was in the 2011 Hobbyfest at Robinson Starmills Pampanga that I introduced the character and when I went on stage and executed the skit, it was epic.  I was even wearing a simulated skin because I don't have the body but it worked.  Together with gray body paint it was a perfect cosplay.

Kratos, God of War debuts at Hobbyfest 2012
This is the cosplay that I even got recognized as a cosplayer.  I won in the Pasig Cosplay Competition, LaCon Cosplay Competition in Bulacan and even at the SM City Pampanga Cosplay Event.  If, I was notified earlier during ToyCon 2011, I could have been part of Cosplay Nation since the foreign directors told me that they were pretty impressed with the character.

Kratos, God of War invades Cosplay Nation
Kratos, God of War conquers LaConsolation Cosplay Competition
The great work and detailing of costumes of Ynnok's Dress Shop was excellent.  Sure, their costume was a bit pricey for the common cosplayer but you will never be disappointed.  Plus, Tita Koni gives a lot of extra bonus to each of his new found friends.

Besides, Ynnok's Dress Shop, I have Edwin Romo and Arnold Lareza to thank.  They are the two great people which helped me with my Blades of Exile and Blades of Olympus respectively.

Kratos and Aphrodite
I am retiring Kratos for the meantime, until a new Kratos will be reborn late this year.  It had been an exciting cosplay and it was in fact the story of a success in cosplay.

Here are some of my tips to cosplayers in order for them to succeed with their characters:
  1. Choose your characters wisely.
  2. Study the character to the heart.
  3. Do not cosplay a character you don't know.
  4. Check the details of your cosplay.
  5. Be the character when you are in cosplay but don't lose your self with it.
  6. Perform on stage.
  7. Enjoy cosplaying and have fun.
Remember that cosplay is fun and a hobby.  We are also here to meet friends.  Again thanks to Ynnok's Dress Shop, Edwin Romo, Arnold Lareza and to all those who supported Kratos... you all made it possible.


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