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Seems like we have reached a point where there is a weekly Otaku Convention.  Braze yourself on March 24, 2012 at SM Megatrade Hall 1 for TamaMatsuri.  This is the second event organized by Nihon Kenkyuu Kai, the same organizers of the successful Tamashii Convention.

Nihon Kenkyuu Kai is a Japanese professional organization of De La Salle University which was organized March 2011. It is also the professional organization for Japanese Studies Majors of De La Salle University and students who are interested in Japan and its culture. NKK aims to foster mutual understanding in building bridges of friendship among Filipinos and Japanese. It is made up of a diverse group of students interested to learn more about Japanese culture, traditions, customs and its people.

Experience Matsuri during this event.  Matsuri is a Japanese term which means festival.  TamaMatsuri Con will delight the participants to experience a Japanese festival.  So expect lots of fun filled activities and games being based on those found in actual festivals in Japan.

For more information please visit the DLSU TamaMatsuri Con FB event page.

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