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Cosplay Event Weekend at SM Clark and Tutuban Commercial Center

It will be another interesting weekend for cosplayers and congoers this weekend since there will be cosplay competition on the weekend.  The first event would be the "SM CLARK CLASH OF THE COSPLAYERS" at SM Clark.  The event will select three winners Best in Anime, Best in Video Game, and Best in Mecha.  Winners will receive 1,500p Cash per category.

Another cosplay event is happening at Tutuban Center Mall entitled, "TUTUBAN COSPLAY EVENT 2012."  The event will be held at the Tutuban parking Area and I hope that it is not as hot as I am imagining now.  The event includes cosplay parade, costume performance, interactive games and raffle prizes.

For details and rules of the SM Clark Clash of the Cosplayers you can visit their event page HERE.  For those who are interested about the Tutuban Cosplay Event 2012, please visit the Facebook page of Otakista at https://www.facebook.com/otakistaph.

Seems like cosplay had been a weekly activity nowadays and for some a good source of income as well.

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