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" Greetings everyone!! ^_^ i'm Nix Bennett and i love cosplaying!!," this would be the common greetings you will receive from Nix Bennett, one of the freshest faces in the cosplay community.  Nix loves anime, all types of music genre and art.  He says that art is her passion.

Nix's first cosplay was during UP AME Track 10 at SMX Convention Center during November 2010.  Before that however, she is a miodel and then her mom introduced her the concept of cosplaying.  Since then, she became addicted to it.

"Who wouldn't be addicted to it? it's freakin' AWESOME!" says Nix.

The basic reason why Nix cosplays is because t's fun! and it's a great way to release stress plus it keeps us young at heart.  She also comments that the cosplay environment is super friendly and she loves everything about it.

Her inspiration in cosplaying was of course her mom.  "It only shows that great things happen when you listen to your mom!" she said.

Among the characters that Nix Bennet already cosplayed are Amy Sorel of Soul Calibur, Hildegard Von Krone also from Soul Calibur, an original inspired Dream Of Doll, Isabelle Lightwood from a book called Mortal Instruments.  Nix also did a Peter Pan version Mermaid, and of course she cosplayed Haruhi Suzumiya both short hair and long hair version.

So far Nix shared three coolest experiences in cosplaying:
  • one- When i won first place in UP AME Monogatari ^_^
  • two- when i got to join Banana Split with Alodia and friends.
  • three- when i got to dance "Jingle Bell Rock" on Chrismas ToyCon 2011 with my closest friends!!!
Here is Nix Bennett's message to all of you cosplayers out there.

Don't let anything or anyone stop you from cosplaying if you really want to! if you have the gutts to go out in public wearing a costume then you have what it takes to be a cosplayer!! AND that cosplaying shouldn't always be treated as a competition... Because cosplaying is and always should be about having fun! ^_^

If you want to know more about her then visit Nix's facebook pages:

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Thanks for reading!

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