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COSPLAYER PROFILES: Kathrina Panelo as Tsuna Sawada

Syaoran Panelo or in her real life name, Kathrina G Panelo or Miel defines here character as funny, caring, kind and sometimes a weird person.  Why?  She simply says that because she is involved in cosplaying.
"I never taught of cosplaying I just like watching only anime, reading anime, draw anime." says Syaoran wen she was first invited by her cousin to an event at SM City Marilao organized by SM City Marilao and Naruto Cosplayers Philippines (NCPH).When she saw people wearing costume of her favorite anime characters it is then that she decided to cosplay as well.

"When I saw their project  the NCPH or the Naruto Coplayers they not cos for to impress but to help others and support the environment so I decide to myself to join to help others too," she continued.

Her first cosplay was in February 2011, during the project of Naruto Cosplayers PH for the children with cancer at the Philippine Children's Medical Center.  She joined the event to help people with cancer and in her mind that is her first step in cosplaying and helping other people.

Syaoran said, "After that I feel  happy while help I enjoy cosplaying after this event."

Her first cosplay character was Tsunayoshi Sawada of Katekyo Hitman Reborn.  Syao says that she decided to cosplay as Tsuna because she sees him in her personality.  "When protecting my friends and my love one’s I’ll do everything  to protect them and I will help when someone is need for help, of course there will be someone who will fight on my side my friends that why I still protecting the friendship we have," she said.

Her best experience in cosplaying is when she help others.  "When I joined NCPH, that was my first time helping people by cosplaying it feels good to me that’s why  having experience like this.  I am eager to help more people," Syaoran said.

She said that she will continue to cosplay and also help people.  She also enjoys going to various conventions because it makes here excited to meet new people and to see various booths.

Whenever you asked Syaoran about cosplay, she would always relate it back to Naruto Cosplayers PH.  "I like my new environment  now meeting this group they have change my life into better one."

So what is her message to fellow cosplayers?

"My message to the other cosplayers, 'Cosplaying is not  to impress but to express' and 'Cosplaying is not  just for fun but to help others also that is the best way to do'"

Thanks for reading and thanks as well to Kathrina Panelo for sharing er experience!

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