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COSPLAYER PROFILES: CK Ancheta as Choji Akimichi

Clarrise Kay Ancheta or popularly known as CK in the cosplay community is one of those cosplay crossdreasers who had been successful at this.  She cosplays Choju Akimichi fro m the series Naruto.  CK is currently a second year student of Dela Salle University and it taking up HRM.  Her hobbies includes reading, drawing, and fb-ing (Writers Note: Now that's a new one!).

"I was once an anti-cosplay individual because I once thought that you don't have to cosplay just to proe that you're an anime addict or otaku," says CK.  She said that years ago he thought that cosplaying is such a waste of time until she decided to cosplay just for the heck of the experience.

Immediately after that CK was changed, "I found out that cosplaying is a way of getting out of the cruel reality.  It is a magical portal that enables me to become who I wanna be with no worries," she narrated.

CK's first cosplay event was during the Christmas Toy Fair 2011 at Megatrade Hall.  Her first cosplay at that time was Konan from Akatsuki, then she shifted to Deidara still from the Akatsuki.

CK with other Naruto cosplayers: Saskue, Neji and Naruto

"My major character is Choji Akimichi because a friend said that I am related to Choji. not because we had similar built, but because we had the same soul, same heart and same personality," said CK 

If you will ask her about his best experience in cosplaying she will definitely tell you that it is not about being able to cosplay but it is being able to meet a second family which is very similar to his own family.  That is what he thinks of Naruto Cosplayers PH, as a second family to her.  She said that through them  and their pure hearts + pure intentions, she became an improved being. 

"NCPH taught me further how to care for other people and how to become a TRUE Christian," continued CK.

Here is what CK would like to say to other cosplayers.

Never ever judge a cosplayer whether his/ her costume is not that lavish or "bonggacious". if you're a true cosplayer, you would know the same bonds that connects us all that other people won't understand. Like the one in naruto series, it doesn't matter if you're an ANBU, a jonin, a chunin or a genin as long as we all hold this WILL OF FIRE or how we will live our lives. Life or other people will try to bring us down but it is our choice to fight and stand up tall or remain a coward who will let himself down just because of bad comments. 

She believes that Cosplaying is never meant for 'perfect-bodied people' and that it is not only them who has the freedom to express themselves. 

"So if you're doubting that you can't do your character, well stand up and kindle the WILL OF FIRE within yourself. trust God. believe in yourself. and also don't get intimidated with cosplayers who has nice costumes," she ended.

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