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COSPLAYER PROFILES: Michael Louise L Joven as Zero from Code Geass

Michael Louise L. Joven is a cosplayer from Pasig City who cosplays Zero from Code Geass.  He is truthfully an avid fan of the anime series Code Geass.  When asked what inspired him to cosplay, Michael would say that it was his first cosplay as Uchiha Itachi from the series Naruto which eventually led him to continue cosplaying.  He had been cosplaying since 2007.

Michael loves to eat Japanese food and even applies Japanese culture in his lifestyle.  Here are some of our interesting Question and Answer with another cool cosplayer, Michael Louise L. Joven:

Why do you cosplay?

Friendship.. everyone knows about anime. kids teenagers even some of the oldies.. and  kids at heart. and of course they know cosplay... and this is my reason to cosplay...  to gain freinds..
What characters have you cosplayed?
Uchiha Itachi , Tobi , Zero of code geass
What is your best experience in cosplaying?
When i got nervous. why cause even though i cosplay the same character the feeling of  excitement stays with me.. and being excited brings happiness to me..
What is your message to other cosplayers?
-never say quit.. you cosplay not for fame..
but to bring smile..
freedom from darkness..
and to gain friends.

I would say that Michael indeed inherited some of the characters of Lelouch and Zero.  He is a person whom you will not have a boring conversation with.

Thanks Michael Louise L. Joeven for your COSPLAYER PROFILE!  Thanks for reading everyone!

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