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A Tale of Four Cosplayers: The Asia Cosplay Meet 2011 Philippines Special Feature, Part 2

“A Tale of Four Cosplayers: The Asia Cosplay Meet 2011 Philippines Special Feature, Part 2”
Article contributed to Otaku Cosplay PH by: Hyou Sanosuke
Editing by: Ginryu Kai

(photos credited to Mr. Jio Verona, Ms. Jel Salvacion, Mr. Jemille Mendoza,
and Mr. Kira Hokuten as submitted by the respective cosplayers featured)


What was the first thing you guys did after the competition?

Arianne: After having some photos taken, we rushed to the car and got changed to our normal clothes and roam around the convention.

Jerry: We decided to have lunch.

Marianne: We ate a lot together with our parents. XD Gaah. We didn't get to eat anymore during the event. T_T

Theo: I really really wanted to get a drink coz of the dehydration I was experiencing from wearing Gilgamesh's stuffy costume but suddenly got ambushed for photo sessions with congoers and photographers alike. There were so many so I found it hard to get out of it but nonetheless I was kinda happy at the same time since a lot of people appreciated the costume. But yeah, after all the photos, we rushed straight for Jollibee and I ordered two extra large colas and chugged it all down XD

Tenshi no Maou
Riyo Lendl Enriquez, Marianne Topacio, Claudine de Jesus
(Ms. Topacio credits this photo to: Lin Qing Xiang)

Let's talk about your respective costumes, what was your favorite aspect about it?

Arianne: Pretty much everything since I worked hard for every detail on it.

Jerry: My favorite aspect? Hmm...my weapon of course!

Marianne: Hmm. I lalalove my Bolverk (guns) so much. =p Those were actually the only complicated part of my costume. XD You can actually cock the guns and 'pull the trigger' to give off light.

Theo: My favorite aspect would have to be, weird enough, the contact lens. I remember a few months back when I promised myself that I would never wear contact lens coz I was kinda worried about what it might do to my eyes. Eventually for the sake of Gilgamesh's accuracy, well, what the heck, might as well go with it and now I'm comfortable working with 'em now.

Now tell me, what was the most challenging aspect of your costume?

Arianne: My thorn tails. It was hard to design it so that it would be detachable and at the same time, standing up. It was hard to maintain it because it was heavy plus I had to endure having wires on my back.

Jerry: The costume is easy to wear, however, the problem was my very huge weapon measuring roughly 7 feet tall and weighing 3.8kg w/c I can hardly swing, LOL!

Marianne: My lovely Bolverk again and my boots. Gaaah. I had to make sure that I can do my moves well even with my high heeled boots. T_T

Theo: The face paint, when I was changing back to civilian clothes, it took me about a third of an hour to get it all off coz it was all mucky and sticky. x___x

Duos Stratos
Sheila Millette Navarro, Oliver Ong, Theo Rodriguez
(Mr. Rodriguez credits this photo to Mike Abundo)

If you can choose one character that you guys dream of hopefully cosplaying one day, which character would it be and why?

Arianne: It's hard to choose just one since I usually change my mind when I see another character worth working for.

Jerry: The perfect "imba" winged form of Cain Nightroad from Trinity Blood. Though, pag naiisip ko kasi kung paano ko ipeperfect si Cain, pumapasuk sa isip ko na kailangan ko ata muna manalo sa lotto bago gastusan yung costume, hehehehe.

Marianne: Dream cosplay? Hmm. I really wanna cosplay Konata Izumi. Hahaha. She doesn't have amazing weapons, costumes or what but she's just sooo cute. Her character's so naughty and adorable.

Theo: Hmm, I usually go with what I fancy at the moment. In which case I'd have to say, having trouble choosing one, either Dart Feld (Dragoon form) of The Legend of Dragoon or Bang Shishigami of BlazBlue. I chose Dart because his Dragoon form requires a lot of skill in terms of craftsmanship and Bang because I'm a huge fan of characters that bring comic relief to the series they appear in, which is actually why I chose Gilgamesh as a cosplay project in the first place.

What hobbies do you guys have aside from cosplaying?

Arianne: Dancing

Jerry: Basketball, reading comics, playing online games

Marianne: Ugh, I sing, record songs and do my own music videos (with the help of my friends) and upload them on YouTube. I love photo and video editing too, doing stuffs in my computer and all.

Theo: I love arcade gaming, particularly Tekken, and I play the WoW TCG though neither of them as active as of the moment due to school and cosplay. I also enjoy writing fantasy fictional novels particularly for young adults and hosting stints for events/television shows.

Tenshi no Maou's Performance

When you guys aren't cosplaying, what's normal life for you guys?

Arianne: I work, work, and work.

Jerry: God -> work -> family -> social life/night life.

Marianne: I focus more on work if there aren't any cosplay thingy to do. XD Staying at home and dating with my computer would be the best choice I'd have if I don't have any appointments with my friends. =p

Theo: When I'm not cosplaying, I'm just pretty much busy with being Student Council Chairman of my college or with school work, and enjoying my life as what I'd like to call a "twenteen" year old, ahaha XD

Are the any cosplayers that you look up to in the cosplay scene whether locally or internationally? (maximum of three)

Arianne: The yukigodbless-jiakidarkness tandem from Thailand, Duane Bacon from Davao.

Jerry: Yes, they are Don Robert, Guy Singson, and Jin Joson.

Marianne: A big YES! I totally admire the Korean cosplay Superstars I just met last Cosfest X.1 in Singapore. They are Hong Ji Min, Kong Kyung Min and Seung Yong Kong .

Theo: Oh yes, I really like Jin Joson from our own country, Champ Oka Geo from the USA, and Drefano from...not quite sure where. All of them exude confidence in their craft and really practice it as an expressive art, I especially look up to Drefano coz his character choices are always spot-on and amazing.

Duos Stratos' Performance

What's next for you guys after Asia Cosplay Meet?

Arianne: Well if my work won't keep me from my preparations, I'm planning to join TorCH with my partner Cless.

Jerry: My next cosplan is RF Online (though what character and armor set is to be announced)

Marianne: I'd definitely be cosplaying new characters for the next set of conventions coming. I'd continue focusing on work at the moment and I'd definitely be meeting old friends for the following weeks.

Theo: I promised myself that I'd focus more on my academics after competing at Asia Cosplay Meet. I'm also in the midst of launching our new org for the college where I study, the Genryoku Cosplay Crew, as a means of introducing cosplay as an expressive art with our campus so I'm really excited about that project as well. For cosplay, I'm planning for Cyberleague, TORCH, and the Toei Anniversary event, though can't really give any details as of yet ;P

Do you guys have any plans of participating in Asia Cosplay Meet 2012?

Arianne: I think so.

Jerry: Yes.

Marianne: Yeah. ^^

Theo: Yeah, most definitely, can't wait til the next ACM!

Any advice you can give for future aspiring participants in the next Asia Cosplay Meet?

Arianne: Prepare ahead! So that you'd get enough sleep before the event.

Jerry: Uhm, cosplay what you love, and and syempre love what you cosplay! Don't cosplay as someone just because they seem popular. People have this poor pre-misconception that it's about getting attention as much as possible, but really, it's about having FUN and BEING that character your portraying. Also, learn things for yourself! As the saying goes, "If you want something done right, do it yourself." With regards to cosplay, it's likely the only way things will turn out exactly the way you envisioned it, and keeps you from stressing or blaming someone else for something not getting done on time. It's also lots of fun to acquire new skills too! Hehehehehe ^_____^

Marianne: Well, for those of you guys who aspire participating in the next Asia Cosplay Meet, I suggest you prepare physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in order to be able to showcase yourself as the character you would wish to portray. No need to be too serious. Just always remember to do your best and enjoy making friends.

Theo: Make sure you have a passport, LOLz! Ahaha, seriously, wouldn't hurt to work with what you already have and just sorta improve on it especially if you were in our situation wherein we only had less than a month's time to prepare. Also, make sure your teammates are just as committed as you are, which I why I'm actually fortunate to have worked with Oliver and Sheila (Zidane and Kuja respectively) since they as well were in it to win it.

Finally, I'll give you guys the chance to personally thank anyone you want to thank that might have helped you in the process of materializing and contributing to your performances during Asia Cosplay Meet.

Arianne: Of course to my groupmates Cless and Marko. Our preparations were hilarious because of the random stuff they were doing. Krissu, Zell and Yuu for the support and all those who were rooting for us!! I'm sorry if I won't be able to mention you one by one, but thanks a lot guys! We highly appreciate it!!

Jerry: I'd like to thank "MY BOSS", Mang Karding, Jemar and troops for my costumes and weapons. You guys ROCK!! Keep on ROCKING ^____^

Marianne: Here it is! Haha! On behalf of my team, Tenshi No Maou, I would like to thank every people who contributed largely to our team's success. An ocean of thanks to Master Rey Benedict Suyo for helping us out in our stunts and Nina Rueda for patiently taking care of us every training sessions. XD Thank you also to Tita Koni Pateña for our props and my teammates' costumes. I would also like to thank Benjie Testa and Lyron for my team mates' armors and weapons. Big thanks to Marko Apolonio for my awesome guns and accessories, Miaow Apolonio for the Singapore Singles Division costume and to Shinn Koganei -- Noel wouldn't be blonde without you. Haha! Thanks to Kospurei Sugar Shop for my team mate's wigs. Thank you also to the ACM organizer, Ranulf Goss and his assistant for being with us in Singapore. To our friends and all the people who supported us all the way like Jel Salvacion, Pinoy Gendounians and others, thank you so much. To our parents who are our best supporters everrrrr. I love you mom! =p And to God, I'd always thank you for the blessings. ( Sorry, it was kinda long. XD)

Theo: On behalf of Team Duos Stratos, I'd like to take the opportunity to extend my thanks to everyone that supported us throughout. Of course, I'd like to thank my teammates Oliver and Sheila, you guys were awesome to work with and I look forward to working with you guys again! I'd also like to thank Mika-chan, Alyanna, Dave, TJ, and Jay for being there for me and the team throughout the duration of the competition! Then of course for Gilgamesh's costume, I'd like to thank Maam Fely Cisima Sunga for the fabric-based parts, Bear of War for the awesome naginata, Melisse Cordero for the rad armor parts, EO for the contact lens, and AIRMAGINATION of SM City North Edsa Annex for the works on the abs, without them I would have never accomplished Gilgamesh in less than a month's time so super thanks guys! Of course to Naruto Cosplayers for I never would have been kickin' off in the cosplay scene if it weren't for you guys. I thank my parents and lil’ sis who have beenb supportive of my cosplay ventures. Definitely I thank God who's given me all these blessings that I know I will maximize to the fullest not just for me, but for everyone. Ahaha, parang nobela na ata tong sinulat ko! But seriously, no words can express how appreciative I am of everything that's been coming my way, would never have made it this far without you guys, NEVER STOP BELIEVING!!! =D

<<|| [] ||>>

And there you have it folks! It was definitely an honor to have been able to interview these four talented cosplayers. I have no doubt that these four talented individuals will go far with their careers in the cosplay community. I personally am very interested in seeing how they progress as the months go by because I definitely see a lot of great things coming from them hence why I interviewed them in the first place. That'll be all for now, thanks for reading the interview everyone and I'll see you all again real soon!

And thanks to Otaku Cosplay PH for launching my article on their site, it was certainly a pleasure!

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