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Solving the Puzzles on Jessica Soho July 9, 2011 Episode

The feature on Jessica Soho episode of July 9, 2011 brought back a lot of memories to many people as kids including me. It was great to see Maskman again and even see on screen for the first time the person who gave voice to the very famous Maskman Tagalog song. However, watching closely at this episode left some question on avid fans like me and perhaps on others.

There is no doubt that Maskman truly has a kick-ass Tagalog version which had been loved by those fans of the Super Sentai series at that time and even until today.

It should however be noted that Bioman is the first ever Super Sentai Series aired in the Philippines. Bioman may not have a kick-ass Tagalog opening version but to set records straight it is the one which cleared and paved the way for the popularization of Super Sentai in the Philippines is not Maskman but Bioman. However, Bioman is aired on a competitor channel which is ABS-CBN 2. As quoted from our good reference Wikipedia,
"Bioman aired in the Philippines on ABS-CBN in 1988 - making it the first Sentai show to be broadcasted in the country since Himitsu Sentai Goranger and J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai. It was also the last tokusatsu title in the Philippines to be dubbed in English, as Uchuu Keiji Shaider - which was aired on the same year."

It was also ironic that the show did not take into account the costume being worn by the cosplayers in the show. The characters cosplayed there was not Maskman but a more recent Super Sentai entitled Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

Maskman as seen in the Jessica Soho episode
The original Markman costume

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger was released on February 15, 2009, the week following the finale of Engine Sentai Go-onger, and ended on February 7, 2010. Its footage is being used for the 2011 American series Power Rangers Samurai.

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

Jessica Soho July 9 episode also left out one character which was obviously with the cosplay group of Project 8. The question is why is Gosei Knight in the shoot where in fact the episode is about those anime and series popular during the 1980s?

Gosei Knight

Gosei Knight being cosplayed by Denggoy is part of Tensou Sentai Goseiger. This is a very new series which just aired 2010.

There were obvious lapses in the research made by the show which personally should be corrected. Media has the responsibility to be bringer of truth in information but this time they bring confusion and misinformation to the new generation. For those who had been followers of these series it had been a disappointment.

If you want to see the Jessica Soho July 9, 2011 episode CLICK HERE.

It was so unfortunate that fellow cosplayers had been featured in such a way that might have affected their real characters being cosplayed which was misrepresented.

Every show should do their research properly before being aired so that it will be truthful and factual.

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