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COSPLAYER PROFILES: Joan Kathleen Manguiat as Sakura

Joan Kathleen Manguiat is a lover of fashion and art. It was seeing one of her friend's picture wearing a costume that eventually ignited her curiosity about cosplay. "I asked her how she became part of that event and how I can also join," she said.

Her first character of choice was Sakura Kinimoto from the popular anime series Card Captor Sakura. She said that by cosplaying Sakura, she can easily attract children and is a perfect match for her considering the looks, attitude and the personality.

"Cosplaying gave me lots of friends. Most of all, it helps a lot of people," Joan said.

Her beauty and looks will really attract anyone and will match different cosplay characters for sure. The best part about her cosplay is how she is able to blend with the character and in the end share her passion to others.

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