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Cosplay Nation Plot Summarry

Well there are a lot of things happening at the 10th Philippine ToyCon. Another event to be watched out is the live filming of COSPLAY NATION: The Movie. The film is produced by Yian Studios, Beijing and internationally distributed by the China Film Group Corp, the largest and most influential state-run film enterprise in China.

COSPLAY NATION: The Movie will feature China celebrities Linda Le, Cheng Yi and Pinay cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfia. ToyCon 2011 will be the first leg of the location shooting in the Philippines.

Here is the plot of COSPLAY NATION: The Movie:

A film that captures the essence of the phenomenon Cosplay craze and supported by a hot movie soundtrack.

COSPLAY NATION is as much a film about identity and about long-standing class and cultural differences. Set in China, COSPLAY NATION traces Sasa Li's struggle to attain a sense of self-worth in family of wealth and culturally conservative surroundings.

The film opens with the noise of Beijing's busy street and the camera focuses on Sasa exiting her daddy's Mercedes to the throbbing sound of WU XING and the noise of traffic chime in as Sasa struts down the streets of the shopping district. Raised by conservative, wealthy Chinese parents, and a revered older sister who seems to have the perfect life, Sasa spends all of her free time and money perfecting her image for appearances at Cosplay events, where she excels as a cosplayer.

Sasa's function in her circle of friends is neither a shy student nor a spoiled brat. Online and at cosplay events around China, Sasa commands ecstatic admiration from her peers and acts as a new type of youth in the face of traditional Chinese family conservatism. Her role-playing unites and lifts the spirits of her alienated community of peers. The power of her physical presence and prowess, combined with her confident "attitude" is graphically demonstrated in scenes where the crowd parts when Sasa enters on stage and her friends cheer as she dances her solos. The online media even begins to call her China's Lady Gaga.

The opposition between the non-ideological impact of the cosplay scene and the ideological power of the traditional wealthy Chinese family is underscored in the relationship between Sasa and her sister, Ah Mei. When Ah Mei announces that she no longer wants the lifestyle of just being a ewalthy "stay at home mom" and socialite, the family is stunned by news that she will leave her marriage. Sasa's own faith in her talent as a cosplayer and her belief in the regenerative space of cosplaying grows. After meeting Alodia, a popular cosplayer from the Philippines and TV host on Animax who is enamored with travelling and in the process of refining her image, she begins to drift away from her group of friends, who presents the key to escape from her family and entry into the nation of cosplay, all around the world.

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