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ANIME PREVIEW: The World God Only Knows

Psychologically it is said that most gamers who are flirting online or are good at girls online are not good in real life. This is the main plot and storyline of the anime entitled, "THE WORLD GOD ONLY KNOWS."

Meet Keima Katsuragi, a second-year high school student who is a very good game player and has the ability to get every girl in 2D games. He was even called "The God of Conquests or Otoshi-gami" for his legendary skills to be able to "conquer" any 2D girl in games. Sadly that is all in games and not in reality.

However, all of that will change when he received a contract offer to conquer girls from a demon from Hell named Elsie. Thus begin the adventure of Keima. This is an anime which has a sort of lesson for those who want to know more about girls.

The series also makes fun and parodying common and popular cliches about dating sims, anime character stereotypes, and pop culture.

Thanks to Jeremy Ray Lapena Macalino for sharing me this anime.  I am sure most of you will love the anime, The World God Only Knows. :).

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