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COSPLAYER PROFILES: Ivy Lorane Delos Reyes (Sovhy)

17-year old Ivy Lorane Delos Reyes or Sovhy is just a curious cosplayer when she began cosplaying. Her main reason for cosplaying is to know what really is there in the world of cosplay. Besides that she really like to wear a unique and creative costume like an anime that she sees on television or internet.

Sovhy wants to influence people through cosplaying. Cosplayers like her are especially vulnerable to those who took advantage of women in cosplay but for Sovhy that will not prevent her from excelling as a cosplayer.

"Great things helped me cosplay,it's give me a chance to be imitated my idol.. I fulfilled my dream that hopefully I have a cool project unique and new in the eyes of the people,beside that,I had many friends who are willing to help in time of need,who guides and supports me," shared Sovhy.

Ivy is not only a cosplayer for she has various other talents including dancing & singing and sports. She plays volleyball,basketball,tennis and billiards.

So who is her favorite character to cosplay?

For Sovhy, here favorite character includes Tifa Lockhart in Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children. "Not only because she's pretty, it's just because I like her moves, so cool," she said when asked about her reason for choosing Tifa.

She also cosplays another cool characters Ayame of Tenchu/Ninja Girl: Assassin of Darkness.

She is also the group partner of Myk Silva in cosplay skits. Here is a video of their cosplay skit during Ozine Fest 2011.

The two are in a group called Team Ayasame. You can CLICK THIS LINK and like their page.

There goes another Cosplayer Profile. Thanks for reading!

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