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COSPLAY TIPS: Choosing your cosplay character

My first cosplay, I do not even know the character.
It seems that cosplaying definitely had become part of the pop culture of the Philippines and with that a lot of people want to be cosplayers and want to experience cosplaying. From the outside it seems that cosplaying is very easy. You just pick a character, dress a costume and you are good to go. The fact is there are a whole lot of things to consider before cosplaying and the first step to this is actually CHOOSING YOUR COSPLAY CHARACTER.

Most frequently people will choose their favorite character since they can easily relate to it or they feel that they can easily imitate the character. The danger in this kind of decision is the fact that the character you like may not actually fit you as a cosplayer or as a person.

When I first cosplayed I just borrowed a costume from Gerald Avendano of Bulacan Cosplay Mania.  I have never done a research about the character nor do I know him.  It was three months after that I learned that the character was Priest of Dawn from the online game, Lineage II.

Here are some personal cosplay tips on choosing your cosplay character. I will just throw a bunch of questions and let you decide on them.

Kisame vs Ayame (crossover cosplay fight)

1. Body Built. Does the character you want to cosplay fit your body structure and proportion? Will it be suitable for you? Will you at least look like the character when other people sees you? I am not saying that chubby people can't cosplay slim characters, the main ingredient still lays in another factor.

Aang cosplayer from the series The Last Airbender

2. Semblance/Looks. Do you look like the character? Can you copy his moves, facial expressions or features?

Kakuzu of the Akatsuki from the series Naruto Shippuden

3. Characterization. How well do you know the character? Can you be the character when you are wearing his costume? Can you carry being the character? Characterization is sometimes more important than looking like the character for even if you look very much like the character you choose all will be lost if you cannot internalize and be the character.

Master Pogi and Chibi Pogi from the series Dragonball Z

4. Capacity. This refers to your capacity to invest in the costume and accessories of the character of your choice which includes his costume, weapon and everything. Cosplaying with the complete costume is a must if you want to create an impact. Thus, the best way is to innovate, ask for help from your cosplay friends and of course start with a character in which your capacity can reach.

Kratos from the game God of War III
These are just a few of the cosplay tips that I have in mind in choosing your cosplay character. In case you have something to share or you have your cosplay tips on choosing a character yourself then don't be afraid to share it with us here.

In the end what matters most is not how much, how expensive or how elegant your character is but how you became the character you chose and how effective you were able to convey that to others.

Sasuke vs Killer Bee from the series Naruto Shippuden

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