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COSPLAYER PROFILES: Ace Irenea as Uzumaki Naruto

Ace Irenea started to cosplay for no particular reason but honestlyit began at his place of work. It was out of curioisity way back in 2009 that his officemates told him to cosplay Naruto for the costume competition during National Heroes Day 2009. It was where he get the confidence and then the guts to continue cosplaying.

"There's no disadvantages in cosplaying," Ace says. Indeed there is none, for you an be anytone to your hearts content. Of course we do advice that cosplayers consider the character and how they fit the personality of that particular character.

Through cosplaying, Ace also had met new friends, increase his confidence and most of all it contibuted to his personality enhancement in real life.

So why Naruto? Ace does not resemble the character very much and many would probably have a smirk upon seeing him but honestly when it comes to personality, I would agree that he is indeed Naruto. He also gives a good enough cosplaying for the character.

Ace says although many says that cosplaying as Naruto is oversued, he believes otherwise, "I've cosplayed the same character for a total of 16 months and that doesn't stop me for cosplaying Naruto for another 16 months or more."

He likes to cosplay Naruto because Ace says like Naruto, he shares some traits like being a kid at heart. "I sometimes have a serious and a funny side just like Naruto and also have the dream to be the best. And as what Naruto said, 'Believe It!' Ace concluded.

Cosplaying is for everyone, young and old. As long as you can carry and give justice to the character you are cosplaying then it is fine. By the way this post is also dedicated to Ace Irenea's 21st Birthday.


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