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Cosplaying as Hachibi (Killer Bee) from Naruto Shippuden

Hachibi is one of the strongest character in Naruto Shippuden. He can control his Jinjuriki which is the eight tails beast and he even defeated Sasuke and Team Taka during one of their meetings. Hachibi is also the only Jinjuriki that can replicate himself while in the Jinjuriki form. I have cosplayed Hachibi the first time during the Christmas Toy Fair at SM Megamall and thanks to Animeniacz Online Store because if not for them that would not be possible.

I was impressed with how they make the costume and the details was really there. In fact when I first wear this costume during the Christmas Toy Fair, I won my first ever Cosplay competition as first place. Wow! That was indeed awesome.

Hachibi also made me improvise and learn new things including how to rap and do flip top, things which I do not know before I do this cosplay. I know that if there is one thing wrong with this cosplay is the color of my skin. Hachibi is tan and well I am caucasian but for me as long as I can characterize and internalize his character I will cosplay him. His character is pretty much the same as my personality.

Here are more photos of me cosplaying as Hachibi and again thanks to Animeniacz Online Store. By the way they are giving out cool prizes with their online contest dubbed as "Strike A Pose, Win A Prize". I highly recommend everyone to join.

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