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Cosplay: Mark Cris Bautista as Uzumaki Naruto

Let's take a look at one of the members of Otaku Urule who will be having an in-campus cosplay event, the PUP Otaku Experience on Marck 4. Our cosplayer is Mark Cris Bautista popularly known as Emceeiee NyawNyaw. Well, I would admit that he is really a good cosplayer and a good person as well. Let us take a further look at Emceeiee NyawNyaw.

  • Name: Mark Cris Bautista
  • Reason for Cosplaying: Just to express my self in a simple way of portraying the character that fits my own personality. And also to have many friends.
  • Groups: Otakuplay Society, Otaku Urule

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