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Cosplay Event: SM San Lazaro Cosplay Facebook FaceOff

Get ready to wear your best cosplay costumes and prepare your cosplay group for the challenge,as SM San Lazaro and Broken Cosplayers Guild (BCG) brings you the SM San Lazaro Cosplay Facebook FaceOff.

The event will be on February 27, 2011 10;00am at SM City San Lazaro Tayuman St. Metro Manila. Registration will start at 10:00am and ends 1:00pm. The official program will start 2:00pm. The event is also made ion partnership with Crux Events Philippines, Otaku University Philippines, Nosebleed Cosplayers Guild, Anime Clan, Anime Club, Celestial Being, Otaku U-Rule, and Anime Cosplaymix.

Criteria for judging includes:

  • Performance (20%) - Acting, performances, how well the characters are personified by the actors.
  • Costume(20%) - How well the costume was made or costumized w/ the cosplayers touch.
  • Confidence(20%) - How well the character was portrayed.
  • Imagination (20%) - How original and imaginative the costume and character.
  • Audience Impact (20%) – How many were captured/moved by performance

The categories for the Individual Cosplay are:

  • Best Male
  • Best Female
  • Best Chibi
  • Best Mecha
  • Best Group
  • Best Performance
  • Online Crowd Favorite (SM City San Lazaro fanpage)

The ticket price for the event is P75.00.

For more details visit the official SM San Lazaro Cosplay Facebook FaceOff HERE.

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