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Get a Chance to Win Cool Prizes at C.C.C. Top pick Year End event!

Cosplay Critic Center is sponsoring their 2010 Top Pick Year End event and there are lots or prizes at stake from rare anime CDs to discounts and more. Read the full details below of the contest and don't forget to drop by their Facebook page.

As published in the Facebook Note:

1st Prize!
>>> 1 copy: Model Pack Collection DVD
>>> 1 C.C.C. T-Shirt
>>> 1 IMBAworks T-Shirt
>>> Worth Php500.00 discount from Ynnok’s Dress Shop (minimum purchase of Php1,500.00)
>>> 1 pair of contact lens courtesy of RUSVENLAND online
>>> 1 copy: Rare Anime Movie Collections DVD
a. Ninja scroll
b. Spirited away
c. Jinroh
d. Crying Freeman
e.Grave of the Fireflies

2nd Prize!
>>> 1 IMBAworks T-Shirt
>>> 1 copy: Rare Anime Movie Collections DVD
a. Ninja scroll
b. Spirited away
c. Jinroh
d. Crying Freeman
e.Grave of the Fireflies

>>> 1 copy: Model Pack Collection DVD

3rd Prize!
>>> 1 IMBAworks T-Shirt
>>> 1 copy: Model Pack Collection DVD

And we’ll pick one of the lucky VOTER of the top 3 winners and win a naruto ninja weapon set! (Courtesy of Shinobi Oborro)

Mechanics of nomination:

  • Post at least whole body picture of your nominee
  • Include some detail such as name of the nominee, link of account on facebook, name of character he/she cosplayed, date and the event(s): make sure the event happened within this year only (2010), Include the name of who nominates him/her.
  • Nominees must have not won any major awards. Such as 1st, 2nd and 3rd placer in any major cosplay events. Ex: Asia meet, Cosplay Mania X, Toy Con, LU live and other major events.
  • Honesty is a good Policy.(Luke 16:10)

If not comply with no.2., 3. and 4. the nominee will be automatically disqualified.

Criteria of Judging:

  • Judging will be divided in to 3 groups so we can have a fair procedure in terms of judging.
  • 40% of the result will be coming from the admins.
  • 30% of the result will be coming from the voters.
  • And the remaining 30% will be coming from our guest admins from the other cosplay community page. AND WE ARE HAVING BULACAN COSPLAY MANIA.

We’ll post a chart that shows transparency of the Judging.
Sounds fair aren’t it?

common questions:

1. Q: nanalo na po kami ng group cosplay... pero di pa naman ako nananalo for individual cosplay pwede po ba ako sumali?
A: sure you can. be sure that you will submit your pic that not taken with the same costume that won any major awards in major events. this can imply vice versa.
Q: does it mean pwede sumali ang mga nanalo na ng major awards basta ang isa-submit nilang pics ay di pa nananalo sa mga major events?
A: you my friend got your self an A+.... correct!

2. Q: anu-ano bang mga achievements ang pwedeng isali at ano din ung hindi pwede?
A: 1st to 3rd placer and runner-ups award (if there is) costume can't be enter in our event but the cosplayer can all you have to do is enter with another costume. you can enter if you have only won recognition awards... like best in craftmanship and best in... best in... etc. etc. etc.

any other questions?
don't hesitate to ask just mail me... admin zYke (Jei Aguilar)

You can nominate yourself, or nominate the cutest or hunkiest cosplayer(s) you’ve ever known! See you at the next convention!

Check our wall on 1st or 2nd week of January we will announce the winners. GAMBARIMASU!

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