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Why I Decided to Cosplay Kakuzu?

Today I reflect upon myself after everything that had happened recently and then I look at the character I cosplayed... KAKUZU. Today, I understand why I liked to cosplay Kakuzu. Kakuzu is a person with a deep personality. He hides within his mask and like me I usually hide my hurt and bad feelings inside me and always give a smile to everyone. Like Kakuzu I am also inclined to business and I even graduated BSAccountancy.

Kakuzu is full of stitches and like me in my entire life I am full of stitches from the battering I have with all the problems I have to face. Kakuzu has 4 hearts and like me I have a problem with relationships. I never had the chance to see real love with my parents because I never had a chance to be with them for a long time.

Kakuzu is serious in life like what I had been... Kakuzu values friendship even though with someone who hates him as in his case with Hidan... same with me... I do not like to really have enemies.

Kakuzu and Shen are very similar and like Kakuzu, Shen also is sad at times... like today I am Kakuzu!

My son, cosplays Pain and come to think of it like Pain he has tons of pain in life and in growing up. Most of the time who we decided to cosplay is also someone who reflects who we are in reality.

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