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UP AME Track 10 Naruto Cosplayers PH Chikara No Ai's Group Cosplay

This is the first ever group Cosplay of Naruto Cosplayers PH: Chikara No Ai. Majority of the members are first time Cosplayers except for Kakuzu, Deidara, Tobi and Sasuke. I know that there are some lapses in the group performance but for a group that had limited practice I would say that I am satisfied with the results.

Check out the complete characters and names below of the full Chikara No Ai team during AME Track 10.

We have some error when it comes to the face paints and well we did learn from it as well. Nobody is perfect right?

Chikara No Ai is just one of the many groups of Naruto Coplayers PH, like Narukatsuki and Team Suna. NCPH hopes to bring cosplaying closer to more people and build camaraderie among the coplay community.


  1. naruto - lorenz
  2. sasuke- kintaro
  3. sakura - jeline
  4. kiba - kenneth
  5. hinata - zenvic
  6. ino - danica
  7. tenten - abby
  8. kakashi - jerik
  9. kakuzu - david
  10. kisame - myk
  11. ritual hidan - engle jones
  12. madara - carlo
  13. deidara - bien
  14. zetsu - mark
  15. pain - huskier

If you want to join NCPH you can just visit our FACEBOOK COMMUNITY PAGE HERE.

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