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UP AME and AME Track 10 Epic Fail or Success?

It was my first time to join the Cosplay Group Competition for a cosplay event with Naruto Cosplayers PH and we were all very excited. We decided to practice during the morning but time did not permit so we make good with one practice during October 30 and just a short instruction before going to UP AME Track 10 at the SMX. When we arrive there we were told that the entrance was not in front of SMX like before but on the side. We went on the side entrance but was prevented from entering because we have no tickets. We asked where we can buy tickets and the funny thing was it was being sold inside, so how can we buy them if we will not be allowed inside?

Gladly we told Sasuke to buy tickets for us in advance that is why we were able to get in. I gave one ticket to Setzu so that he can enter and buy tickets for our cosplayer friends. When he arrived at the end of the line he was only given one ticket because they said they need exact amount. So I personally decided to fall in line then Setzu said that if you have exact amount all you have to do is go to the counter which says "EXACT AMOUNT" and buy the tickets. I went there and to my surprise there were no one there and no long line. I got 15 tickets in just a couple of minutes.

Unlike previous Cosplay events that I attended this was really huge in terms of number of people and cosplayers. There were also photographers and a lot of them since there is a photographers event sponsored by Canon. When I went inside, I though I was in Divisoria. The space was too crowded, too small and too hot. Our intention to practice there failed because there were no place to do it. We also have to call off out photoshoot because there was no open space to do it.

When I went outside I hear the announcement that all tickets was sold out and that they will try to find a way and then people were not allowed to enter anymore. It is sad to see people wanting to enter but were all outside the SMX... they were wearing costumes and enduring the heat of the sun. I wonder ... it could have been possible to just collect P120 from each person, put a mark and then let them enter. Perhaps UP AME did not anticipate the huge turnout.

There were lots of contests and prizes there including free contact lenses but the sponsors hardly gave any freebie items except for free internet inside. The program was also too long before the winners were announced.

I am also wondering as to how the group cosplay was judged... if we know that a dancing act would make a group win then we should not have really made so much attention on "Costume/characterization". Well, anyway congrats to the Final Fantasy Team who won... for Chikara No Ai at least we have fun and earn the hearts of many.

I am sure that it was not only Chibi Hime that cried and got frustrated but a lot of other cosplayers, perhaps this is something that UP AME should evaluate and prepare in the future. Keep on smiling cosplayers and always remember the good side of things... if there is a problem tell UP AME about it so that they can make improvements and make the event better. After all we will also benefit from it.

So was it an epic fail or a success? I would say it depends on how one looks at it. For me it was fair enough and can pass as an event but there are a lot of things to improve and consider. Hopefully next time it would be better.

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