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Max Domon Endorses My Little Prince Shop

Me during Otaku Reload cosplaying as Max Domon with Gerald of My Little Prince Shop
Gerald Angelo Avendaño was one of the very first Cosplayer that I personally knew in fact even last year we have met in SM Marilao Wi-Fi launching event but we did not know each other. During the SM Baliwag Cosplay Event there I know him personally and he talked about his wig shop called My Little Prince Shop. In fact he even sponsored some prizes and GCs for the event. He is really someone which is really helpful to fellow Cosplayers.

This blog spot should have been done way back in September or even last October but it is just now that I have time. I would like to suggest "My Little Prince Shop" to Cosplayers as one of the choices for your wigs and well Cosplay items.

My Kakuzu green cosplay contact lens was also purchased from My Little Prince shop and to be honest it is more comfortable than the contact lens I bought from an optical shop. I have used this contact lens for three Cosplay events now while the first one only lasted for one week and one event.

If you want to know more about MY LITTLE PRINCE SHOP and their products then VISIT MY LITTLE PRINCE SHOP FACEBOOK PAGE.

Thanks Gerald Angelo Avendano for being one of my very first friends in Cosplay.

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