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First Experience in a Cosplay Practice

I am just a newbie cosplayer and well this has been my first experience attending practice for a group cosplay skit. We are practicing for the upcoming AME Track 10 on November 6 for our Naruto-Akatsuki group and as part of the Naruto Cosplayers PG group too.

I had fun and well though I am the oldest among them, age seems to not matter. Thanks everyone specially to the Konoha team for the warm welcome.

Planning for the skit...

Putting it into play and practicing...

Bonding and eating... you will get hungry really...

After the practice we went to Deidara's place in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. I was amazed with his family's support for his cosplay. We are also glad that Kakashi and Ritual Hidan decided to join us though it was not in the plan.  This is also my belated Birthday celebration.

The food was delicious... Deidara's mom cooks very good indeed and we are really given full attention.

Thank a lot Konoha and Akatsuki for the wonderful experience.

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