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The Akatsuki Windows 7 Theme and Akatsuki Trivia

Hi to all Akatsuki fans out there. Well I myself am an Akatsuki fan so I decided to share with you a link to an Akatsuki Windows 7 Theme and also some trivia about the Akatsuki.

  • Akatsuki Literally means “Dawn” or “Daybreak”. Breaking down the word itself gives us “aka” meaning ‘red’ and “tsuki” meaning ‘moon’.
  • Each Akatsuki member has their own ring which is worn on a different finger by a different Akatsuki member. Perhaps this helps them extract the demons from the Hosts (Jenchiriki).
  • Every Akatsuki member can also be identified by a long black cloak with red clouds, and fingernails painted black.
  • Of course everyone knows by now that Tobi is actually Madara Uchiha who took on the body of Obito, Kakashi's friend.
Now for the Akatsuki Windows 7 theme here is the LINK.

Enjoy and thanks for reading!

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