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Who's Too Old to Cosplay?

Last night someone told me that I should not be Cosplaying anymore because I am just too old for it. Well, I know am 32 but up to now I still love anime. Our organization Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD) even comes from an anime... so what age deserves to Cosplay?

Is Cosplaying limited to a certain age? Does it me you cannot Cosplay when you become 30 or even 40 or perhaps 50?

For me I do not see Cosplay as a hobby that has age restriction. As long as you love what you do and you are not doing it tantamount to others then you are good to go. There is nobody on Earth that could prevent you from Cosplaying.

Cosplay is an art and everyone can practice this art. Cosplay is for all regardless of age, sex, gender, religion, etc.

I think the main reason why she said that is because I would even go as far as trimming my hair just to Cosplay Max Domon from Flame of Recca.  Well, I would because I am really used to have short hair... ehehehe XD.

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